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2017 Forester XT Touring CVT
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My 14 XT transmission started doing that around 120k miles and the CVT had to get replaced under warranty. Felt like a really rough shift when there shouldn't have been one. The cause of the problem seems to be contamination of the fluid in the valve body, which makes for a sticky solenoid or something like that.
Should have changed your fluid, my theory is this is the leading cause of CVT transmission failure

Just curious if OP has ever had the CVT fluid changed?
Bing bing your the winner. glad you said that im happy to hear people are think about this.

Embarrasing to say I do not know. All maintenance identified in the manual was followed so if it was recommended, the fluid was changed. I would guess if it happened, it was at the major service required under 100K kilometers. Stopped taking car to dealer after that as the car was out of warranty. Fluid now being changed this week to see if that resolves the problem.

check out my post for guidance

good luck with everything. CVT are replaceable nobody wants to repair them. so the only way to keep it going is 30K mile fluid drain and fills.

i suspect to be honest the old fluid has cause to much damage at this point. complain to SOA about haveing a corporate policy of not touching the CVT Fluid
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