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Unexpected (for me) benefit of AWD - better takeoff when turning

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Recently bought a 2019 Subaru Forester, my first AWD car. The car is not a speed demon, but I am a pretty laid back driver. I do though, want the car to accelerate briskly when entering directly into thick traffic running at speed on Route 1 from one of the many businesses - being too leisurely there could get you rear-ended.

What I have found is, while my prior FWD cars were subject to LOTS of wheel spin while trying to make that sharp turn and accelerate hard at the same time, the AWD system allows me to take off with zero drama and more importantly, zero lost time, because there's zero wheel spin. The net effect is that I am more confident entering this lane with cars running thick at 50mph than I was with earlier FWD cars with more power, because the AWD drivetrain makes the available power more usable in that first critical second or two while making this maneuver :smile2:.
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