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Do you perform your own maintenance? We stock the highest quality and unique Tool set supplements for the routine maintenance you've been putting off.

KTC 1/4" Drive and 3/8" Drive Adapters (set of 2)

Brand new item! We are now offering these two ingenious three function adapters made by Kyoto Tool Company. These unique items are made in Japan from cast aluminum, so they will not rust or corrode. Dust off that poor ¼” drive ratchet and make it useful again! Instantly make it a more useful 3/8” drive ratchet! The other included adapter will make your 3/8” drive ratchet into a ½” drive. Not only do these increase the size on your current ¼” and 3/8” driver ratchets, but they have high powered magnets cast into them keep your sockets attached. And finally, the most attractive feature are the “wings” which extend past the ratchet head allowing your index finger and thumb to do the job of a second hand. Whether you're starting the threading process, or finishing the very last turn of a fastener, you can now do it all with the same hand! You will receive two items total: one ¼” drive to 3/8” drive adapter, and one 3/8” drive to ½” drive adapter. These adapters have been so useful to us, they have not been removed from our ratchets since we've received them!

$19.00 w/ Free shipping (contiguous 48 United States only)
For more info and to purchase our KTC Adapters click here:
KTC 1/4" and 3/8" Adapter

T70 Torx Sockets
Are you looking a T-70 Torx socket to change your own transmission fluid on your 5 speed manual transmission or MY 2007 6MT STI? We have the highest quality T70 Torx sockets available. These are the ideal and difficult to find 1/2" drive size, made by VIM and are precise fitting, 2 piece pressed construction (interference fit) and are manufactured from S2 steel with Lifetime warranty!

*This Torx socket will fit late year 2004 and up WRX (including 08-09 WRX) with 5MT, 2003+ 5MT Legacy, 2003+ 5MT Forester, and 2007 6MT STI (clutch side drain bolt). If you are in doubt, please take a look under your car to see if you are in need of a T70 Torx socket. As far as we know the 2007 STI is the only year STI in need of this T70 Torx socket, others 2004-2006 STI models with 6MT will not.

$18.00 w/ Free shipping (contiguous 48 United States only)
For more info and to purchase T-70 Torx sockets click here:
Subaru T70 Torx

KTC 13mm square Differential Sockets
Is it time for a rear differential fluid change in your Subaru? This is the PROPER socket to remove and tighten those square differential plugs! Made by KTC (Kyoto Tool Co.) from Japan. Most people end up stripping and/or rounding-off the differential plugs by forcing an ill fitting and wobbly 1/2” drive ratchet or 1/2" drive extension in that square rear differential plugs. Anyone who has performed this task before knows the ridiculous amount of effort used when you don't have the right tool. We strongly suggest our KTC 13mm differential socket. It fits right up to those plugs perfectly square so you are able to loosen and tighten with confidence.

$29.50 w/ Free shipping (contiguous 48 United States only)
For more info and to purchase KTC 13mm square sockets click here: 13mm Subaru & Nissan Drain Socket

We offer COMBO sets which include our BEST SELLERS to save you money! Don't see a set to your liking? Contact us via email for a custom set or international shipping quotes, we will do our best to accommodate you.


Much more to come for our Subaru vehicles, be sure to check our website for updates!

Contact us by email or PM for further information.

2007 Forester
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Koken Thin Wall Impact Sockets for High End Wheels! Protect that investment!

  • Made in Japan
  • Used by service departments, technicians, and enthusiasts alike
  • Heat treated for strength
  • Superior to Chrome Vanadium for use with impact equipment
  • Includes 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm
  • Fits all popular Japanese and European lug nut sizes
  • Has the strength of standard thick impact grade sockets
  • Great for use at the track with cordless/rechargeable impact equipment
  • The 110mm (4.33") length is perfect for wheel styles w/ recessed lug nuts
  • Solid tapered shafts are superior in strength to traditional hollow impact sockets
  • Bright color coding by size for easy socket identification
  • Engineered with strength in mind for impact equipment, but can be used with typical 1/2" drive hand ratchets and breaker bars

As you can see above, Koken sockets have the identical outer diameter of your lug nuts. (17mm socket on a Hasegawa lug nut shown) They will not interfere with the paint or finish surrounding lug nuts on your wheels! This Koken socket set was engineered for use with impact guns in mind, however many of our customers use them with standard 1/2" drive breaker bars and appreciate the thin walled wheel protection, strength and color coding.

$69.00 Shipped!

Click HERE to purchase and for more info

*(lower 48 states only)
*(CA Residents sales tax applies)

[email protected]

2007 Forester
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UltimateToolCo: We offer unique and high quality additions to your basic tool set. Home of Kyoto Tool Co. Japan's #1 Tool Company!

We some exciting products to offer the Subaru "DIY" community. We are also offering FREE SHIPPING on our products into the new year!

Introducing Kyoto Tool Co. Ltd., the number one tool manufacturer in Japan. KTC offers some truly innovative tools that will help with both upgrading and maintaining your Subaru vehicles for years to come. We offer so much more on our website ULTIMATE TOOL CO. But for this Interior/Dressup/Audio & Security thread we would like to introduce this KTC Professional interior panel popper kit!

Key Features:

· Made in Japan and OE certified
· Tool used by Japanese service departments, technicians, and enthusiasts alike
· Swapping door and interior panels, exterior trim and even tucking away wires or cords
· Specified in Honda, Nissan, and Toyota service manuals for install of various factory accessories
· Will not scratch interior or exterior surfaces: great for "debadging" or removing of vehicle emblems
· Allows user to lift at correct angles to properly separate panels.
· Eliminate breaking, stretching, and losing costly fasteners
· Great set of tools to keep among car club members or even better to have your own set

Pricing and product details for the KTC Panel Popper Kit above are located here:
KTC Panel Popper Kit

We have just added a KTC Fastener Removal Tool to our line up!

For more info or to purchase this KTC Fastener Removal Tool click here: KTC Fastener Removal Tool

This KTC Fastener Removal Tool is a major time saver for anyone that works with those pesky plastic fasteners that hold interior and exterior panels. These pliers have a thin super-strong head that slips under the head of the center rivet and grabs the shank. This grip prevents breaking off the head or having the rivets fly off or dropping. Excellent for the under body splash shield fasteners when performing oil changes!

Both KTC Panel Popper Kit and KTC Fastener Removal Tool can be purchased at a discounted price in our COMBO section located at the bottom of this page: Combo Sets

EVERYTHING ships for free! Visit our site for details. Be sure to look under the "Subaru Tool Sets" section for the best value. If you don't see a combo to your liking PM us, we can custom make a set just for you! Visit our site for details and feel free to contact us!

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KTC Fender Cover

KTC Fender Covers now in stock! After months of waiting for our KTC Japan shipment to arrive, they are finally here! Do you worry about dropping a socket or ratchet therefore chipping your paint or even denting your fender while working under the hood? These KTC Fender Covers are the perfect addition to any tool set. You will find "KTC" printed in white script followed by: "No.1! Select the number one tool of the world." This is a thick, high quality and durable fender cover made from heavy duty vinyl weighing just shy of 2 pounds! On the inside where it meets your vehicles paint, it is lined with soft, non-marring felt. It is the perfect size for import cars with measurements of just under 16" high, by just over 43" long. These dimensions give you the ability and convenience to not only work under the hood, but comfortably work on your front suspension with this fender cover still in position! There are a total of 4 magnets, each 10" inches long which are built into the top band where you can affix them to your fender without damage to your precious Subaru paint. This fender cover is stain resistant, non-absorbant and very easy to clean for many years to come.

$84.00 Shipping is Free and upgraded to USPS Priority mail! (Contiguous 48 United States only) Click here for more info and to purchase: KTC Fender Cover

KTC Professional Hose Pick Sets (set of 3)

Save time and the chance of damaging your larger engine bay hoses. Especially helpful with intercooler hoses and intake couplers, because of how large these picks are! Manufactured and designed in Japan, their substantial size (over 7 inches from tip to to end of handle!) and extreme angled tips on these rugged hose picks really help when your working in tight clearance areas (behind the engine or underneath components.) Sharp, yet beefy ends are extremely strong and perfect for breaking hoses loose and cutting through caked on coolant or debris.

$55.00 w/ Free shipping (contiguous 48 United States only)
For more info and to purchase KTC Professional Hose Pick set click here Hose Picks
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