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Brand new item - In stock and shipping!

Have you been seaching for a strong 1/2" Drive 10mm Allen socket? Well, this is it! A returning customer contacted us and expressed his frustration with the lack of a high strength 10mm Allen socket to remove Subaru camshaft gears. He had tried virtually all brands available in the market with no success. Subaru cam gears are torqued down ridiculously tight from the factory. Our customer was simply tired of breaking sockets, welding and drilling out those hex cam gear bolts on his multiple engine build-ups. Those pesky cam gear bolts were the only thing standing in the way of getting the heads off of the block. He was in search of something STRONG! That began our extensive search. Finally, months later, we're able to deliver! We offer this super beefy, 10mm 1/2" Drive Allen socket made in Japan by Koken Tool. Made from heat-treated, hardened steel, this is the absolute highest quality socket we have ever put to use. In fact, our contact in Japan who is also a Koken supplier explained that their local shop workers have been able to use one single Koken socket for over a decade without a single issue. This is one serious socket! Although this item is made from heat-treated and hardened steel, the manufacturer does not advertise this socket as intended for use with impact or pneumatic equipment, therefore we advise hand tools only with this one.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured and designed in Japan
  • OEM certified Japanese tool used by service departments, technicians, and enthusiasts alike
  • Prevent commonly snapped sockets which have been put to similar abuse
  • Save time by using the best available 10mm socket our staff could find
In stock w/ free shipping! Visit our site for pricing and further details.
Koken 10mm Allen Socket

CA resident sales tax applies
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