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UK to EU/US Headlight Assembly inc. Parking/Side Light

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Hi all,

I have a 2001 UK Forester 2.0 petrol (right-hand drive) which I am hoping to import into Europe. As such I am looking to replace the headlight assemblies with ones which point the correct way.

I found it very hard to source a pair from Europe so ended up buying some from the US. (I am aware that the beam US vs EU beam patterns differ slightly and that the certifications are also a little different - that's a different subject). I bought a pair of the right shape which were listed as being for a 2001 - 2002 Forester. All of the attachments in the right place etc. You can see these in pictures 3 & 4 which I have attached. They have a single bulb with a single 3-pin attachment in the back.

Only when I went to replace them, did I notice that my existing headlights contain two bulbs (main headlight, and what we call in the UK a side/parking light - tucked away in the corner of the assembly). On top of this there are not two but three plugs in the back - one for each bulb, and the third plug... I have no idea! Please see picture 2.

I've searched for hours and can't find any info about my assembly, let alone anywhere to buy a LHD equivalent. There's lots of single-bulb replacement assemblies available from the US, but that's it.

Is anyone able to help out? Are the parking lights being present in the assembly specific to UK / Europe? Or is it my specific model?



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The third connector on the UK headlights is for the headlight beam leveller motor.
The parking or side light is equivalent to the US clearance light

US lights combine the clearance light with the turn signal bulb in the separate assembly, as at the front they are always amber.

European LHD headlights with headlight levelling are

Lamp assembly -Head Right 84001FC260
Lamp assembly - Head Left 84001FC270

84001FC260- Feux - optique avant (phare) (Feux - optique avant (phare)) - - Subaru Forester 1 (S10/SF) 1997->2002 2.0i essence 1997->2002

84001FC270- Feux - optique avant (phare) (Feux - optique avant (phare)) - -
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