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UK SG9 XT - HIDs to Halogen headlights, is it possible?

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My motor has just failed the MOT on poor lights (no pattern; out of alignment and too low).

As one unit is completely borked and the other one clearly isn't moving correctly (I know the rear self adjusting unit is missing) I'm looking into replacements. I am thinking it may be simpler to downgrade to normal halogen headlight units, has anyone done this and is it even possible?

The HIDs are are as hell on the used market anyway, new ones I'm not sure are even available and I'm not certain it'll fix the problem anyway. Halogen units seem easier to find.

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if you get a headlight with the wiring on it, it should be plug and play, as the wires that connect to the ballast and bulb are typically included with used units on eBay and similar, I don’t know as much about forester but on the Impreza and WRX it is plug and play, I didn’t change any wiring on mine (2007) when converting besides unplugging the DRL module (which won’t be a problem for you).
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