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Fist of all,

a Massive thankyou to DON KING OF PARTS for the Legacy Manuals absolutely STONKIN!

I have dropped a ballock.

Noticed when Wifelet and I went to the Supermarket Saturday, there is no rear part to the Load Cover on the Outback.

What it means is: 1) you can look into what you have in the boot. 2) A bit noisy.

You wouldnt notice it as it is attached tp the rear gate and not in the rear cabin.

I rang the Garage who were most apollogetic.

Get one off E Bay and we will pay for it.

Many searches later ( The main stealers, you cant put a part number in and get avaibility/cost) .

I have found an US E BAY Site that has a used one for £38 plus £30 postage!!

The Part Number is, 65551AG01AJC, Rear Gate Board.

Any suggestions where I can get one(the correct one) at a resonable price?



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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