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Ugly Betty....05 FXT, 6 speed swap in progress

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I've decided to go ahead and keep a journal of the progress I make on my new project. I've built 2 GR STi's and sold both. I (by way of the Ms. convincing me) decided that instead of building yet another, I'd build an FXT.

I found an 05 FXT 5 speed in black with 149,xxx in Chattanooga, and drove from Nashville to go pick it up on 2/15/14. I knew going into it that the only thing I was going to leave untouched regardless of the vehicle I purchased would be the windshield, so I wasn't exactly looking for a beauty queen so long as she was mechanically intact.

well I found what I was looking for. hail damage on the hood and roof. a good size dent in the drivers fender, the rear passenger door and the molding on the front passenger door will both need replaced even though they seal and function. UGLY BETTY. it also had never had the clutch replaced or the timing belt or pulleys serviced.

anyway, I've got big plans for her, and sure enough on the way back, the clutch completely died and let go just outside of Nashville. I got her towed back to my garage and disassembly began. upon further inspection, it wasn't only the clutch but the passenger side CV axle was toast as well, and the steering rack is on its way out. The engine purrs and the original owner (which is whom I bought it from) had all of the records......a lifetime of premium gas and synthetic least I got that.

rather than just replace the clutch and axle and get back going, I've decided to go ahead and do a full STI 6 speed/r180/5x114.3/brembo conversion. I'll also be swapping in an STi steering rack and steering column while I'm at it, and maybe some suspension goodies. on top of that, I will also be doing the timing belt, all new associated pulleys, water pump, new oil pump, and replacing the rear seals. (hopefully this will get me through the year without having to replace the engine)

will probably also be adding some 18x9.5 rota linea corse wheels to the mix as well due to the hub conversion and all

should all be purchased and installed over the next 6 weeks.....YAY for DIY

Other plans (later on in the year or early next year)

-fully built closed deck block
-ASF machine ported and built heads
- some process west goodness
- some Full-race goodness
- custom fuel system from tank to injectors and back
- iag performance v banded and rotated turbo kit with an HTA86.....on e85
- gutting the interior for sound deadening, and then having some custom upholstery and seating done
- 06 FSTI front end conversion
- replacing panels that need to be replaced and repainting in OEM Java Black Pearl......making ugly betty, ugly no more

stay tuned:Banane35:
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Can't wait to see this project thru. Sounds like a fun project that you're excited about.
I really am. I've built a couple sti's before and was debating building a another one or a kit car of some sort. After thinking a lot about it, I just really like the subaru platform and am pretty familiar with it anyway making the mechanics of it pretty easy for me. Can't wait for the parts to come in
Disassembly almost complete......All suspension, axles, driveshaft and rear diff has been removed as well as the rear subframe and the engine is being prepped for removal.

Found that not only did the clutch let go but the drivers side front axle literally fell on half upon removal. Going to take the male end that is in the tranny out once I remove the engine and tranny (pulling them both attached)
Nice. My Forester has hail damage from the same hail storm some years ago that yours probably got damaged in. :Banane35:
on top of getting the roof straightened out, I've decided that at some point I'm going to replace all four doors, and might replace the rear hatch as well. will also do an 06+ Fsti front end conversion and then repaint it some version of a black pearl, probably either obsidian black pearl or the OEM java Black Pearl that it came with. If for some reason that doesn't float my boat, I will have it wrapped in matte white
engine is free and comes out tomorrow along the the tranny which is sitting on a jack right now. will post some pics tomorrow.

all at once, here is what I'm doing to the car for this round....ALL DIY:

sti engine crossmember
sti steering rack (new) and u joint
sti tranny crossmember
sti rear subframe
whiteline steering rack bushings
kartboy short shifter and shifter bushings
kartboy tranny mount bushings
whiteline rear diff busings
sti version 9 jdm 6 speed
sti version 9 r180 3.9 rear diff
sti driveshaft
sti rear lateral links and trailing arms
sti front control arms
sti 5x114 spindles
sti 5x114 axles
sti brembos
feal 441 coilovers
stoptech rotors, pads, and SS brakelines
whiteline 27mm front sway bar
whiteline 24mm rear sway bar
kartboy endlinks all around
whiteline sway bar mounts
whiteline rca kit
group N motor and transmission mounts
new sti OEM flywheel
OEM sti clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing
new OEM water pump
gates racing timing belt
tomei timing belt cover
new OEM timing pulleys
11m sti oil pump
replacing all rear engine seals
killer b motorsport oil pan, pickup, and windage tray
rebuilt td04 turbo from bnr
invidia n1 catback exhaust
18x9.5 rota linea corsa wheels with michelin pilot super sport 265/35/18 tires
new tranny and diff seals all throughout
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I've also decided that instead of doing the 06+ facelift, I'm going to keep the 05 headlights and do the 05 FSTI body pieces, and retrofit projectors into the housings. I've also sourced new doors and panels. its funny.....literally every removable piece of the body aside front the fender liners needs replaced. I say replaced because it is going to be cheaper for me to replace each piece with an undamaged junkyard piece instead of trying to get a body shop to fix what I have......they can do the long as they get it straight, I can repaint everything in Java black pearl
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That list was pretty robust perhaps he is still working on it ?
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