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I want to move up to a larger tyre size but keep my factory wheels and I'm getting a bit confused with all the info out there mainly talking about getting bigger wheels and tyres.

I want to keep my wheels but get bigger tyres, for increased lift and better off road (mainly mud and sand) handling.

I have the factory 15" steel rims 15x6J (or are they 6.5J?) which have the standard 205/70 R15 tyres on them, I'd like to get either 205/75 R15 or ideally 215/75 R15 to replace the stock tyres.

How far can I increase the width of the tyre ie from 205 to 225? Will it still fit my wheel? There doesn't seem to be a measurement for where the wheel and tyre join together, or is there some leeway here like 10% or so?

I'm paying nearly as much for delivery of the tyres as for a tyre itself so I'd like to get it right!


UPDATE:: For those whom like me, may be a bit confused by all this tyre malarky I've found that most tyres have a 2" or so margin either side to accommodate different rim sizes, so I've ordered some 225/70 for my 15" steelies.
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