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Hello All,

While I'm waiting to receive my Pioneer AVH3100 (yup, finally decided to give up on the factory HU), I'm trying to decide on a subwoofer system. Both systems are wedge boxes that I will position behind the longer rear seat and secure as sea-scooby suggested. (Thanks for that btw). Here's what I'm looking at:

1.) Kicker 07TCVT104 - 10" subwoofer in a sealed enclosure
2.) JL Audio CP108TG-W1v2 - 8" subwoofer in a ported enclosure

The above will be powered by a Profile amplifier capable of delivering 200W RMS into a 4 ohm load, or 400W peak. My experience is with JL audio, and I previously had one of their 8" subs mounted in a sealed box (different vehicle). I think they make a pretty good product, and I feel my amp is a better match for 8", but I'm also willing to try the Kicker. So... tell me what you think. Thanks in advance.
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