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2007 FXT vf37 swapped 4EAT w/ VDC
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Hello everyone, it's been a few years since we've been active in the community. Another vehicle has taken the place of our Forester and I already have a project car so all of our Subaru parts must go.

2007 Forester XT Sport
188,000 miles (timing belt done for second time)
North of Indianapolis - 46074

Limited power / heated leather seats

Body, Suspension & Brakes:
  • Swift Springs & KYB GR2 suspension
  • Whiteline adjustable lateral links
  • STi rear sway bar (aftermarket box mounts - no welded tabs)
  • Legacy GT 'poor man's big brakes'
  • Spare: OE brakes
  • Transmission mount insert

  • STi Spec C vf37 turbo, OE twin scroll manifold & uppipe heat wrapped
  • 3" catted twin scroll downpipe
  • Spare: OE twin scroll downpipe
  • STi cat back
  • STi intercooler (later model, don't remember what series)
  • P&P throttle body
  • upsized hard turbo inlet
  • Cobb airbox

Wheels & Tires
  • OE Sport wheels & Winter tires
  • 2011 WRX wheels & Summer tires

Assorted stuff:
  • The netbook and tactrix 2.0 cable I used to tune it
  • aftermarket large size TMIC, brand unknown
  • Kartboy botox bolts

I'll add more pics as I prepare it for sale
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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