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Turn on Dome Lights

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Is there a way to turn on the dome lights by a switch rather than hitting the individual lights? My wife has a 2010 Forester and she can't reach the dome light in the rear (middle) of the car to turn it on as she is driving (to check on a crying baby). Surely there is another way but we haven't figured it out.
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If a child passenger needs attention, she should be pulling over and stopping...
I agree 100%. My wording wasn't the best I suppose. Even when you are driving it's nice to glance back and see your child if he/she stirs or lets out a cry. Having to pull over to turn on a light to see if there is a problem could be problematic. Even if she does pull over to look in the mirror she will have to remove her seat belt and crawl towards the back to turn on the light.
There isn't an OEM switch to do that.
What I would recommend is using a blank button spot to the left of the steering wheel to mount a switch. Have this switch operate the dome light. Tap into the fuse box that controls the dome light (if that fuse only operates that dome light) If that fuse operates more then that, run a wire to the + of the dome to the switch.
Just saying you could make something work :Banane36:
It is easy to add your own switch. In the search box above, type "Am I missing something?". Also try "Switches for aux lighting".
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to look into it.
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