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Turn on car with seats removed?

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Greetings! I am new to this forum and have been referencing many threads here for the past few weeks. I personally do not own a Forester but I will be helping a friend install a completely new sound system in his 2015 Forester with the 6 speaker system. I have found many helpful threads regarding stereo install and some steps for seat removal.

What I'm wondering about is, is it OK to turn the car on with the seats removed from the car?

I have done many stereo installs before but never one where I had to remove a seat with an airbag. My main concern is that having the airbag sensor disconnected could somehow make the remaining airbags deploy if the car is turned on. With the seat in the car I don't expect there will be room to set gain/crossover levels on the external amp we'll be putting in and will need to turn the car on to make those adjustments. It may seem like a silly question, but this isn't my car and I want to take every precaution not to screw something up.

Thanks in advance!
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@unclejunebug I see this is your first forum post, so welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:
It is indeed, thanks from California!

I don't have experience with the SJ, '14-'18, but I do with the SG, '03-'08. If the seats are removed, the SRS - supplemental restraint system diagnostics will fail, so the airbag light will be on. I'm under the assumption the airbags will not deploy when there is a SRS diagnostic failure.

► Warning! - disconnect the battery before disconnecting or reconnecting any connectors associated with the SRS system, they are usually yellow in color.

I have removed the passenger seat to haul long lengths of lumber. The airbag light was lit & I assumed the SRS system was inoperative.

Once I reinstalled the passenger seat, the SRS diagnostics passed & the airbag light went out.
Well it's OK in my MY'03 Foz and my 2010 Mitsubishi Triton ute. I've moved them both around the yard sitting on a milk crate.
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate the quick responses! We're doing the install tomorrow so this is very helpful. The difference between what he has now and what he'll have after we're done will be night and day :icon_cool:

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