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Since I was undecided which turbo inlet to go with, and after reading about some potential fitment issues with the Gimmick version, I decided to buy both the GMS and Samco inlets/afterMAF hoses and do a direct comparison. This first part of my review is "pre installation" with the actual install being done in a few weeks.

The GMS inlet (new v2 version with wire re-enforcement layer) and afterMAF set cost $186 plus shipping. The Samco set cost $384 plus shipping, over twice as much as the GMS set. So the big question - is the Samco set better and if so, worth twice as much?

General Observations

Placing the turbo inlets side-by-side reveals a few interesting points:

1. In terms if stiffness, the sets are basically identical. There is no significant difference between the two.

2. The GMS is considerably larger in cross section that the Samco. It would be interesteing to do a volume measurement, but it's obvious to me the GMS is larger, which should result in lower pressure drop.

3. The quality of the actual inlet material is very comparable.

4. The wall thickness at the turbo end is thicker on the GMS.

5. The fittings on the Samco are better done, lower in profile and "molded in" to the inlet.

6. While the GMS is basically straight from the turbo to the bend, the Samco appears to be better contoured to fit where it has to sit under the IM. Being a little smaller in diameter will no doubt help too.

7. The Samco is better contoured on the outside radius of the elbow to avoid contact/interference with the power steering assembly.

Placing the two afterMAF hoses side-by-side:

1. Role reversal - the Samco is slightly larger in diameter.

2. The Samco has slightly thicker walls.

3. The Samco is considerably stiffer than the GMS.

Inlet to afterMAF hose fit:

1. The Samco pieces fit perfectly together.

2. The GMS afterMAF hose will not go on to the GMS inlet - at least not without a fight.

3. Interestingly, the larger Samco afterMAF hose fits the GMS inlet very well, if just a tad tight.


Photo 1 below - Samco and GMS side-by-side. Here you can see the larger diameter of the GMS and the better contours of the Samco to fit where it has to go. Notice the contours of the outside radius of the elbow section.

Photo 2 below - the inlet ends. The GMS is considerably larger!

Photo 3 below - the Samco inlet end will fit inside the GMS inlet end!

Photo 4 below - engine bay and clearance required at inlet elbow. Here, I can envision some considerable fitment issues with the GMS due to its larger size and lack of contouring, while the Samco (like the stock inlet) appears to be better contoured to avoid contact with the PS line.

Photo 5 below - afterMAF hoses side-by-side:

Photo 6 below - inelt ends of afterMAF hoses. The Samco is thicker and slightly larger in diameter. Which one will fit the stock air box outlet better remains to be seen:

Photo 7 below - Samco unit complete. The pieces fit togther like they were made for each other!

Photo 8 below - GMS unit complete (well, almost). I couldn't get the afterMAF hose on the the inlet, but I think it will go with a bit of lube and cussing...

Photo 9 below - GMS inlet with Samco afterMAF hose. Hmmm, looks pretty good!

Next up will be the actual install. Though I'm not going to install both (I think I already know which one is going in), I will be able to make a few more observations about fit.
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