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2010 Forester XT (SH5) 4EAT
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That's quite unfortunate. If I was in your shoes, I would just remain with the car as it is. My reasons for this are:

> I may be wrong but i read somewhere that N/A Subaru engines have higher compression than the XT engine. The turbo engine has less compression to allow for the boost pressures brought along by the turbo. If you boost the N/A you need to be very careful you don't kill it as the boost pressures may be too high.

> Car modifications can get quite expensive and things don't always go as planned. One thing can lead to another and you find yourself spending a whole lot of $$$$. In your case I can already guess that you would need a new turbo (obviously), a new ECU, a new radiator (and the small coolant tank used to cool the turbo), extra hoses and piping etc etc.

> Your car is still very new (2015 model according to your profile). I would be very uncomfortable doing major modifications on such a new car because things can go wrong and leave you worse off with an unreliable car.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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