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Glamor Shots
May 2016

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Updated 30-Apr-23

Year: 2015​
Model: Forester XT Touring with EyeSight​
Chassis: SJG​
Engine: FA20DIT​
Color: Satin White Pearl - 37J​
Tire & Wheel Specs

Stock Tire Size: 225/55R18​
Current Tire Size: 235/55ZR18​
Stock Wheel Size: 18x7 ET48​
Stock Wheel Bolt Pattern: 5x100​
Stock Wheel Bore: 56.1​
Stock Wheel Lug: M12x1.25 19mm​
Alignment Specs
Front: -1.2° camber | 0.01° toe​
Rear: -1.5° camber | 0.04° toe​
Service Parts, Fluids, Lubricants & Sealants
Brake Fluid: Motul RBF 600
Brake Hardware Kit (front): Napa | PN 83806A
Brake Hardware Kit (rear): Napa | PN 83562A
Brake Hose Kit: Goodridge | PN 24230
Brake Hose Retention Clip (front): Subaru | PN 25546GA400
Brake Hose Retention Clip (rear): Subaru | PN 627013001
Brake Pad (front): EBC Red Stuff | PN DP31583C | FSMI D1078​
Brake Pad (rear): EBC Red Stuff | PN DP31758C | FSMI D1124​
Brake Rotor (front): DBA 4000 T3 | PN DBA42650S-10 | 316 mm x 30 mm​
Brake Rotor (rear): Stoptech Sport Slotted | PN 126.47035SL (left) | PN 126.47035SR (right) | 278 mm x 18 mm​
Cabin Air Filter: Subaru | PN 72880FG000
Coolant: Subaru Long Life Super Coolant 50/50 | PN SOA868V9270
Differential Gear Oil: Subaru High Performance Gear Oil 75W-90 | PN SOA427V1700
Differential Rear Fill Plug & Drain Plug Sealant: ThreeBond 1217h
Engine Air Filter: Subaru | PN 16546AA12A
Engine Oil Filter: Mazda (Tokyo Roki) | PN N3R1-14-302
Gasket, Front Differential Drain Plug: Subaru | PN 803926090 | Size 26.3x32.3x1.0​
Gasket, Front Differential Fill Plug: Subaru | PN 803918060 | Size 18x24x1.0 (to be confirmed)​
Gasket, Turbo to Charge Pipe O-Ring: Subaru | PN 14497AA030
PCV Valve: Subaru | PN 11810AA141 (to be confirmed)​
PCV Valve Hose: Subaru | PN 11815AC410
PCV Valve Thread Sealant: ThreeBond 1217h
Radiator Hose (lower/outlet): Subaru | PN 45161SG010
Radiator Hose (upper/inlet): Subaru | PN 45161SG000
Serpentine Belt: Subaru | PN 23780AA111
Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley: Subaru | PN 23770AA070
Serpentine Belt Tensioner: Subaru | PN 23769AA040
Spark Plugs: NGK Laser Iridium | SKU ILKAR8H6 | Item NGK96024 | Pre-gapped to 0.024"​
Wheel Stud: ARP | PN 100-7727 | M12 x 1.25 thread | 14.35mm knurl dia | 44.45mm underhead length | ~26 mm thread length​
Wiper Blades (front): Bosch Icon | Front Left 26A | Front Right 17B (can use 17A)​
Wiper Blades (rear): Bosch OE Specialty Rear H354 or Spectrum DirectFit Rear R1417​

Technical Service Bulletins & Recalls
07-136-18: New Alternator Assembly to Address Engine Vibration at Idle and False DTCs. Uupdated serpentine belt and tensioner part numbers.​
WUT-05 Forester Rear Coil Springs: Replace rear coil springs,.​
WUE90 Brake Lamp Switch Replacement:
WQW58 '14-'15 Forester DIT Pre-Ign Service Program: ECM reprogramming.​
Recommended Adhesives, Greases, Oils and Coolants (2010 - 2019):
Serpentine Belt Routing

Circle Drawing Auto part Pattern Line art

Tire Rotation

Font Material property Parallel Rectangle Symbol
ECU Reset Procedure
  1. Ensure that the engine is cold.
  2. Ensure that all accessories, lights, air conditioning or anything that can draw power are off.
  3. Remove and replace negative battery terminal.
  4. Do not start the car. Press the start button twice without pressing the brake so that the indicator lights show and dial sweep occurs.
  5. Wait at least 20 seconds for the throttle blade to calibrate. There will be clicks and whirl sounds - this is normal.
  6. Start Engine, Let idle to operating temp (10-15 mins) until radiator fan cycles twice (important step).
  7. Shut off the engine, wait 10-15 seconds, restart. ECU reset is complete.

  • Perform power window initialization and set date/time as per owner's manual.
  • The car will feel sluggish and the gas pedal will feel dead subsequent to ECU reset. This is expected. Pedal response should return to normal after approximately 10 to 15 miles.

Power Windows Initialization Procedure

One touch auto up/down and anti-entrapment functions will not work subsequent to battery disconnect. Restore functions by initializing the power windows as follows:​

  1. Close driver's door.
  2. Turn ignition on. Do not start the car. Press the start button twice without pressing the brake so that the indicator lights show and dial sweep occurs.
  3. Open the driver's side window half way by pushing down the power window switch.
  4. Close the driver's side windows completely by pulling up the power windows switch. Continue to pull the switch for 1 second after the window is completely closed.
  5. Open the driver's side window completely by fully pushing the power windows switch. Power window initialization is complete.

Fasteners & Torque Specs

ApplicationFastenerTorque Spec
Caliper Bolts14 mm20 ft-lb
Front Caliper Bracket Bolts17 mm59 ft-lb
Rear Caliper Bracket Bolts14 mm
Front differential Drain PlugT-70 Torx51.6 ft-lb
Front Differential Overflow Plug25.8 ft-lb
Goodridge Stainless Brake Line Kit (24230) Banjo Bolt10 mm12 ft-lb / 17 N-m minimum
24 ft-lb / 33 N-m maximum
Rear Differential Drain Plug1/2" square51.6 ft-lb
Rear Differential Fill Plug1/2" square36.1 ft-lb
Serpentine Belt Tensioner Bolt8 mm hex18.4 ft-lb / 25 N-m
Serpentine Belt Idler Pulley Bolt14 mm26.6 ft-lb / 36 N-m
Spark Plugs14 mm12.9 ft-lb / 17.5 N-m
Steering Damper/Universal Joint Bolts12 mm17.4 ft-lb
Torque Solution Steering Damper Lockdown BoltM6x60 5mm10 ft-lb
Wheel Nuts19 mm89 ft-lb / 120 N-m


Cargo Area1194White
Center High Mount Stop1
Fog2H11H16 alternate
Headlight High Beam2HB3 (9005)
Headlight Low Beam2D4RHID
Interior Dome1DE3175White
Interior Door2194White
Interior Door Step212961White
Interior Map2DE3175White
License Plate2194White
Side Marker Front2194White
Side Marker Rear27443White
Turn Signal Front27440Amber
Turn Signal Rear27440Amber
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Stuff I Find Interesting


Body & Exterior
Corrections to the above video:​
- The cooler should be mounted with fittings on the top so that air doesn't get trapped inside.​
- Hose clamps are not supposed to go over the braided covering. The braided covering should be pulled back and the hose clamps placed over the bare hose.​
ProTip: Wrap a piece of tape around the hose at the location to be cut and cut through the tape to prevent the braided covering from fraying. Fiber reinforced tape works best. A coping saw or fine blade hacksaw are sufficient for making the cut.​
Suspension and Handling
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All maintenance done by myself unless otherwise noted
Last updated 01-Mar-2023

25-Apr-2016 @ 40,111 miles
- Cabin air filter​

3-May-2016 @ 40,409 miles
- Oil change/filter​

13-May-2016 @ 40,940 miles
- AEM DryFlow engine air filter​
- Bosch Icon wiper blades​

10-Jul-2016 @ 44,575 miles
- Install Fumoto oil drain valve​
- Oil change/filter​
- Serpentine belt​

29-Dec-2016 @ 50,251 miles
- Oil change/filter​
24-Jun-2017 @ 54,575 miles
- Oil change/filter​
25-Oct-2017 @ 58,150 miles
- 4x Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 3+ (235/55R18)​
- 4 wheel alignment​
11-Jan-2018 @ 60,001 miles
- Oil change/filter​
29-May-2018 @ 64,121 miles
- Oil change/filter​
- Clean engine air filter​
24-Aug-2018 @ 65,887 miles
Intermittent won't start. Intermittent CEL, ABS and several other warning lights. Lane departure, collision avoidance and traction control would not come on intermittently. Starting issue made me think it was the battery so I put in an Optima Yellow Top but the problem persisted. Kennesaw Subaru diagnosed and replaced a bad brake light switch.​
12-Dec-2018 @ 68,026 miles
- Oil change/filter​
- Replace passenger side mirror cover. Daughter clipped the garbage can backing out of the driveway.​
15-Apr-2019 @ ~73,000 miles
- Oil change, filter
17-Jul-2019 @ 75,443 miles
- Rear/driver tire pressure sensor (Discount Tire)​
- Cabin air filter (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- Brake fluid exchange (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- Front & rear differential service (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- Replace PCV (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- Subaru top engine cleaning/air induction service (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- The brake light switch which had been replaced was again replaced under warranty/recall (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- Oil change/filter​
Notes: Dealer said they changed the oil. The filter was indeed changed but the oil was black when I got it home and there was probably eight quarts in it. I changed it again, switched back to my preferred products.​
~80,000 miles
- Oil change/filter​
- Clean engine air filter​
Note: exact mileage and date not recorded.​

~85,000 miles
- Oil change/filter​
Note: exact mileage and dates not recorded.​
~87,500 miles
- CV axles replaced (Alan Cox Automotive)​
Note: Exact mileage and dates not recorded. I specifically stated that no other work was to be performed unless authorized by me. They tried putting $12 duct sanitizer and $22 fuel system cleaner on the bill. When I called them on the additional charges they explained that they do this for every car. I won't use them for service again.​

~90,000 miles
- Oil change/filter​
Note: exact mileage and date not recorded.​

~95,000 miles
- Oil change/filter​
- Clean engine air filter​
Note: exact mileage and date not recorded.​
~100,000 miles
- Oil change/filter​
Note: exact mileage and date not recorded.​

12-Aug-22 @ 106,028 miles
- 4x Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires (235/55ZR18) @ Butler Tire
- 4 wheel alignment @ Butler Tire
Note: Spoke to the alignment guy. Asked specifically if there were any issues found with the front end and was informed that the camber was off due to the car "Settling" and that no suspension/steering issues were found.​
24- Aug-22 @ 106,673 miles
- Air Induction cleaning service @ AllPro Subie
- Front lower control arm bushings @ AllPro Subie
- 4 wheel alignment (Hunter) @ AllPro Subie
- Resurface front rotors and OE ceramic pads @ AllPro Subie
Note: Lower control arm bushings were bad in spite of being told by Butler Tire that the suspension/steering were OK. The drivers side could be moved by pulling back and forth on the control arm. AllPro Subie speculated that the play in the lower control arms might have been mistaken as some inherent play in the steering rack. Not sure what the real story is and I decided not to get aggravated over it. SJ Foresters are known for premature front/lower control arm bushing failure anyway and I'm glad the repair is made..​

25-Aug-2022 @ 106,758 miles
- Oil change/filter​
- Clean engine air filter​
- Cabin air filter​
- Master cylinder brace​
31-Aug-2022 @ 107,152 miles
- Replaced AEM DryFlow engine air filter with Subaru OEM filter..​
- Cleaned MAF​
- ECU reset​
Note: Runs extremely well. Pulls much harder above 3000 RPM.​
4-Sep-2022 @ 107,486 miles
- Rear differential service.​
9-Sep-2022 @ 107,724 miles
- Front differential service.​

19-Sep-2022 @ 108,513 miles
- CVT service - drain & fill (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- ECU reset (Kennesaw Subaru)​
- Replace rear springs under recall WUT-05 (Kennesaw Subaru)​

23-Sept-2022 @ 108,991 miles
- Serpentine belt​
- Serpentine belt idler pulley​
- Serpentine belt tensioner​
13-Oct-2022 @ 110,465 miles
- Oil change/filter​
20-Oct-2022 @ 110,838 miles
- Upgraded stock front rotors to DBA 4000 T3​
- Upgraded stock rear rotors to StopTech Sport Slotted​
- Upgrade rear pads to EBC Red Stuff ceramic. Front pads are back-ordered.​
- New hardware kits, clean/inspect/re-lube slide pins, etc.​
- Upgrade brake hoses to Goodridge braided stainless​
- Flush/bleed brakes with Motul RBF 600​
- Rotate tires​
09-Nov-2022 @ 111,888 miles
- Oil change/filter (switched to Liqui-Moly Molygen 5W-30)​
18-Jan-2023 @ 112,300 miles
- Repair of damage from hitting a shredded semi-truck tire on Oct 19, 2022. The vehicle received a new front bumper cover + paint, skid plate, passenger fog light assembly, passenger side air dam and miscellaneous required parts. Work was performed by Magnum Collision in Marietta, Ga.​
- Paint and installation of Rowen rear gate spoiler by Magnum Collision in Marietta, Ga.​
26-Jan-2023 @ 112,465 miles
- Installed Subaru OE Window Air Deflectors​
13-Feb-2023 @113,688 miles
- Installed Whiteline 26 mm front & 22 mm rear sway bars and Kartboy endlinks.​
01-Mar-2023 @ 114,718
- Replaced front brake pads with EBC Red Stuff.​
- Checked front and rear swab bar and endlink bolts.​
30-Mar-2023 @ 116,214 miles
- Upper induction "Top Engine" cleaning service (Kennesaw Subaru)​
12-Apr-2023 @ 117,039 miles
- Intake Walnut Blast (Atlanta Speed Company, Marietta GA.)​
13-Apr-2023 @ 117,105 miles
- Oil change/filter​
- Rotate tires​
15-Apr-2023 @ 117,197 miles
- Spark plugs​
- Engine air filter​
- Cleaned battery terminals​
- Clean MAF​
- ECU reset​
24-Apr-2023 @ 117,818 miles
- Replaced front and rear coil springs, front struts, rear shocks, rear lower control arms and rear toe arms (Atlanta Speed Company)​
- Wheel alignment (Atlanta Speed Company)​
25-Apr-2023 @ 117,865 miles
- Wheel alignment: Front -1.2° camber and 0.01° toe. Rear -1 .5° camber and 0.04° toe. (Butler Tire, Austell GA)​
- Passenger high beam bulb out. Replaced both sides with Napa Brilliant.​
Next Services
120,000 miles​
- Replace coolant​
- Replace cabin air filter​
122,000 miles​
- Engine oil & filter​
- Rotate tires​
- Replace coolant​
- Replace cabin air filter​
127,000 miles​
- Engine oil & filter​
- Rotate tires​
132,000 miles​
- Engine oil & filter​
- Rotate tires​
137,000 miles​
- Engine oil & filter​
- Rotate tires​
- Front & rear differential drain/fill​
- CVT drain/fill​
- Flush brake fluid​
- Replace cabin air filter​
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Torque Solution Master Cylinder Brace

Purchased from
$94.02 after 10% new customer discount, taxes and shipping.


The product did not come with instructions but Installation was straightforward. It is visually similar to the Cusco product and installation is identical. There are lots of video's on youtube including this one from

A 1/4" drive 10 mm socket with and without 2" extension were used for the five mounting bolts. The brace bolt and flange nut require 13 mm socket and wrench respectively. A bit of blue Loctite was used so that the flange nut doesn't back off.

The red anodized disk is not attached to the bolt but has a projection in the rear which accepts the end of the bolt. I'm sorry I didn't get a clearer photo. Getting the disk lined up with the bolt using one hand and tightening the bolt with the other hand required some dexterity.

A firmer pedal was immediately noticeable and especially appreciated when stopping hard. This is a nice little mod and for me, it was worth the money and time.
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Glamor Shots
August, 2022

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I'm not sure how married you are to that air filter, but I would advise you to change it back to a stock unit.

FA's are very sensitive to metered air flow, and even a panel filter in the stock air box can be a disaster for your MAF scaling. Worse yet is the poor filtering characteristics of those "dry flow" units.

A stock air filter is more than sufficient for power and filtering. Save yourself the headache.
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Debadge & Bumper Protector Delete

This was tedious but not difficult. Dental floss, alcohol/rag and patience are all that's required.

Still dealing with a bit of oxidized paint where the bumper protector sat.

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STI Door Cup Protectors

Scratches in the door cups look especially egregious on satin white pearl.

After cleaning with alcohol...

You only get one chance to put these on straight.

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Differential Service
107,486 miles

It feels more secure to jack the car onto ramps rather than using jackstands.

Not sure how much metal on the magnet is normal.

Collapsible squeeze bottles made it easy to push the lube through a hose and up to the fill plug.

The drain pan had some gunk in it before I started and the color of the fluid in the pan doesn't represent how it looked when it came out of the car. It was actually very clear.

The front is a little more involved. Finding the right gaskets for the front fill and drain plugs and not pouring gear lube all over the front axles when filling are the biggest challenges.

Reference: How To - Front & Rear Differential Oil Change - XT with CVT
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Glamor Shots
September, 2022

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STi Style Rear Bumper Stripe | Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame | Rear Emblem

Hip new emblems were delivered. All the cool subie kids have red on black emblems. Getting the rear emblem off without scratching the paint was a challenge. Blue painter's tape was used to protect the paint and a plastic putty knife was used to get under it. Just rip it off once it begins to lift.

The dealer's faux chrome license plate frame was replaced with logo-free carbon fiber. This is real carbon fiber - epoxy impregnated carbon prepeg. It isn't wrapped or skinned plastic. Sorry, I have a fetish for real, structural carbon fiber and a visceral hatred of the faux impersonations.

An STi style rear bumper stripe was applied.

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STi Style Grille | Front Emblem

I'm extremely happy with the way this turned out. It looks like a completely different vehicle.

Replacing a Forester grille is much more complex than doing the same on a '71 Chevelle. Having said that, it took approximately 2.5 hours to brew coffee, watch a couple of how-to videos, remove the factory parts, clean, install new parts, wax, etc.

Pro Tip: Using a screwdriver to pry the upper grille away from the hood WILL break the grille. If you want to save the old upper grille then watch the youtube videos and make careful note of the location of the clips. Don't use a screwdriver. Buy an inexpensive trim removal tool.

Technical References:

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Glamor Shots
September, 2022

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Nice one. I tried that instructions to remove the grill as I also want to make mine black, but I just cannot get the lower clips loose.
Nice one. I tried that instructions to remove the grill as I also want to make mine black, but I just cannot get the lower clips loose.
Yep, exactly. I spent about ten or fifteen minutes gently trying to get the four clips loose. No matter how I pressed or squeezed them they wouldn't budge.

Eventually I just pulled on the lower grille with a bit of force and and it popped out.

If it helps, two photos are attached showing the location of the clips and what the clip actually looks like.

Obviously there are two other clips on the opposite side.

I hope all is well in Capetown!

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Grille Luggage and bags

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior Bumper
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Vanity Plate
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