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Here's the info:

Sunday Aug 29th, 2010 - noon onwards, rain or shine, Proceeds from the day go to benefit Toronto Ronald McDonald House.

BBQ courtesy of Subaru Canada Inc.

560 Suffolk Court
Mississauga, ON
L5R 4J7

No entrance fee..... but please do buy some raffle tickets to help support the charity. The food is free after-all!

Raffle Benefitting Toronto RMH
  • $5 = 1 ticket
  • $10 = 2 tickets and a TSC Decal
  • $20 = 4 raffle tickets and a TSC keychain, while supplies last.
Raffle Prizes (So Far)

$250 Gift Certificate - Inn Tune
$200 in Gift Certificates - Touge Tuning
26" Switchback Mountain Bike - Sparky50 - Lanworks Inc.

Show and Shine '10

Let the people decide!!!

We will do the show and shine just like last year, competitors will be split off from general admission and put into the "show row" and numbered. Come ready for fierce competition. ALL CARS ARE ELIGIBLE TO ENTER!

If you want to compete in the show and shine we will be asking for a $10 donation to the charity.


Drop by the welcome tent, pick up a voting slip and pick your favourites for each category, then return the slip.

Show and shine categories:

Best First Generation
Best GD
Best GG
Best GR
Best Legacy
Best Forester
Best Other
Best of Show
Best Blue Ridge Pearl GG with red rims

Show and shine winners and raffle prizes will be announced at 4pm.

See you then!

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Are you guys going to talk about importing the Diesel to Canada? WE HAVE A NEED FOR THE DIESEL!!!!!!!:mob:
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