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TSB for alternate engine oil filter!

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Not only is there a shortage of the blue Subaru OEM filters but check out the double oil change procedure for the 6k mile/6 month oil change.


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Just looked at the TSB. Absolutely ridiculous ! There is zero chance that any dealer, service station, or quick lube joint will follow those directions. The pimply faced kid who does the oil changes will never, ever take the time to do all that foolishness. His boss will also be pushing him to get the car out of the bay and the extra time needed to go through the procedure outlined in the TSB will not be allowed.
Subaru needs to find a plan "B"
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I normally buy WIX filters (NAPA Platinum) or the Subaru OEM depending on which one is cheaper. Recently, I was unable to get either as they were both unavailable plus the OEM on Ebay was being offered at a crazy high price. Instead, I bought the Fram XG at Wally World for about $ 7. I change my oil every 5k which with my low yearly miles works out to be about 2x/year. I suspect the Fram will be fine.
1 - 2 of 121 Posts