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TSB for alternate engine oil filter!

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Not only is there a shortage of the blue Subaru OEM filters but check out the double oil change procedure for the 6k mile/6 month oil change.


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Saw that on the XV Board. Crazy
Figured that the OEM filter was about the best available.
The Fram Ultra Syn is an order of magnitude. Other than the Amsoil and Ultra. all other filters including Subaru are barely ho-hum.
I drained the filter before disposing of it. Nonetheless, that is a good question. I always recycle my used oil at the auto parts store but I never heard of recycling the used filter. How do the DIYers here dispose of their used filters?
I just put it in the garbage. Out trash g ets burned so it provides btus for electricity. Metal gets recycled.
1 - 4 of 121 Posts