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Hey all,
I inherited a 2008 2.5x from my folks a couple of years ago and its got about 163k on it from my mom driving between DC and CT and GA for family trips mostly. It was in an accident at one point on the front driver side but you wouldn't be able to tell. I barely drive it now--between 15-30 miles/week depending on whether school is in session or not, BUT I might be commuting about 75mi for my last year of school--hopefully not, but preparing for it anyway--so I'm trying to get in a place where I can feel comfortable driving it that much. I'm a student, so I have no money to speak of, and no garage or access to tools so I may not be a candidate for a lot of the DIY work I've seen on here as a casual observer.

Here is everything I want to work on/get taken care of in no particular order:
-head gasket/timing belt
-battery leak: i had it replaced shortly after I got it (close to 3 years ago) and it looks like I'm not too far from replacing it again. It might just be time but I'm concerned something sinister is afoot/it could be improved
-some exterior dings and little rust spots
-roof is floppy (I've been told there's not much to be done about this without it just getting sucked back down?)
-TPMS: from what I can tell I need to replace a valve
-was used extensively with dog--front seat is muddied up, some of the interior has claw marks
-the interior upholstery right near the sunglass holder has slipped and sliding it back in has been harder than it looks, although I need to sit down and work with it to confirm that
-wind noise fixes (this is happening this week)
-stereo upgrade--related to wind noise but I'm not sure all of the speakers are always working. would also like an aux/bluetooth situation. this would be my present to myself after all this other stuff is done.

Anyway, I've learned a lot on these forums, happy to hear any thoughts or recommended journals or whatever is out there to help me get the most out of this ol' girl.

Lexington, KY



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@neilinKY welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

The Google custom forum search is pretty good. :wink:

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