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just had complex problems with my AC not working. My local independent mechanic checked and found all the parts working (compressor, condenser, evaporator, etc) and no leaks. I did try removing the shims from the compressor pulley (related threads found on this board) to no avail.

So I broke down and took her to the dealership. They initially missed the diagnosis and replaced the HVAC controls. However, when I returned (and made sure to get a loaner this time--2018 Forester XT, real nice), they were able to diagnose a faulty temperature sensor. Replacing this involves disassembling the dash, and several hours of labor.

When I returned, pen in hand to write the big check, they assured me that there would be NO charge. At all. And, as importantly, they now seem to have fixed the system.

perhaps I will have to stop referring to this type of business as a "stealership".

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