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Help out a fellow Subaru owner.

Vehicle: 2003 Subaru Outback wagon
Tire size: 225/60/16 H speed rating
Location: Chicago, IL
Conditions: Feet of snow and slush to +90F temps with all points in between. Roads are horrible as anyone who has ever driven in Chicago knows.
Will not have a set of snow tires, no storage space for them.

I'm stuck between these two tires. The Goodyear seems to have better winter marks, but people either love or hate them. Common complaints are noise and many quality control issues. The Michelin seem to be a good all around tire with few negative comments, but I'm concerned about the winter traction in Chicago's weather.

I have Potenza G009's on the car now and really do not care for them. They are wearing wonderfully but the noise and lack of winter traction means they are getting tossed before winter, even with 6/32's left on them.


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In MPLS here, I have had the TT for around 3 years in the 225/60-16 size and can say for a all-season it is one of the best all-seasons I have had in the winter.
- Stopping ability in snow is better then their acceleration ability
- lateral traction in snow is on par
- no complaints about noise
- no complaints about ride
- handle nice
- some roads they want to track with the ruts, doesn't take much to keep them on track however.
- My only real complaint is they hit you MPGs by 1-3, but I expected as much from the reviews
- I run them about 40F/37R PSI and they wear even.
As good as they are in winter, they are no comparison to winter tires.
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