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I want Goodyear Triple Treads for my 2001 Forester L but they have discontinued my OEM size 205 70R 15. Can I substitute 215 70R 15 or 205 65R 15 tires that will fit? If so what would be the advantages/disadvantages?

I've used the various tire calculators and both sizes seem like they would fit.

I really want the Triple Treads.

Thanks for your advice.

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I see this is your first post, so welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Did you use this tire/wheel calculator? To me the 215/65-15 is a better match than the 205/65-15 or 215/70-15 & 225/65-15 is even better. :wink:

Disadvantage - larger/wider tires cost more & more traction may reduce your gas mileage.
Advantage - more rubber on the ground means better traction.


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I really like my triple treads for just about every thing. However I was robbed of a little bit of fuel mileage, I also went from 215/60-16 to 225/60-16 so 10mm wider and 12mm taller. The added tire size may be to blame in my case.

I also agree with Bobby on the 215/65-15 tire size being a better fit.
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