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A few years back I was given a green 1978 VW Westfalia poptop Weekender. It needed a motor but other than that it was in really good shape. After trying to decide if I wanted to rebuild the original type 4 70+hp aircooled motor or installing some thing different I decided to go with the subaru swap! I told my pops I was thinking about doing the swap and he says, "the guy down the streets got a wrecked one in his yard..". I finally pulled the trigger on the donor car! Turns out its a 1997 Legacy L with a 137hp 2.2L with only 80,000 on it! The car was hit pretty hard in the right rear quater panel and sat parked down the street from my parents house since 2006. It looks like over $3 grand in body work. The low milage motor, the exhaust, the ecu and wireing harness are all I'm gonna need. Gonna kinda in some strange way add another Suby to the family and at the same time bring some real life to my Westy!
Pic's will come soon!!

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