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Transmission swap help

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ok, i need help. my 99 forester had a bad trans so i got ahold of a trans from a 98 2.5 RS. i'm told it bolts up, and it did but i have a problem with it and i hope someone has an idea that could help me. first, the RS trans had 4 holes i could line up with the SOHC engine (the SOHC engine had 4 holes). that was a surprise but i was able to get 4 out of 6, i can live with that.

the next problem is what i believe they call the vehicle speed sensor. it's the sensor on top and left on the trans as it's sitting in the car and your facing the engine. the 99 forester trans has 3 wires(green w/white stripe,green w/black stipe and pink w/white stripe) and a 3-pronged plug but the 98 RS trans has two wires(both black from what i can tell) and a 2-pronged plug. so i'm wondering what i can do to get this figured out. i dont know if i can just unscrew the sensor off of one and screw it on the other. it looks like i cant and i'm afraid that if i try i'll break it or if i can cut wires and reattach but i dont really know which wires to use... so any help would be appreciated... thanks
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How did the transmission swap go? I want to do the same.

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