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Transmission Fluid change in Columbus, OH

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I have a 2011 Forester X(AT). AT fluid was changed (not with Subaru ATF). It shifts a little hard in really cold temps until vehicle is warm (less than 5 minutes).

A dealer, Hatfield Subaru seems to be the only one to offer a flush for $171 , but I have found mixed reviews regarding their service.

Should I just have a drain & fill and change again in the near future or can someone recommend a Subaru independent mechanic?
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Yea. Just do a couple drain and fills. 8 oz less than a gallon
What ADC said.
Don't flush.
There are horror stories.
Ok, thanks going to to drain and fill this week, but I think my aftermarket transmission cooler needs to be bypassed as I think the fluid is too cold.
it shouldn't stay cold for long if you can get the car moving for a few miles. That stuff is exposed to a lot of friction and usually warms up pretty quickly. I have a much larger than stock cooler and haven't had any issues with temps down in the single digits last year. If you want to get the most out during a change, I do encourage a drive before dumping it so the fluid is nice and thin.
Just FYI, shifting hard in cold weather isn't unusual for the old 4EAT automatics, Subaru brand ATF or not.
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