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Okay guys. I’ve got quite the dilemma here. Not sure which section to put this in, either.

My 09 Forester broke down. We live out in the middle of nowhere, and we’ve tried and tried to figure something else out but the only option to tow it is going to be with a 2 wheel dolly, about 60 miles to the nearest mechanic.

My father in law is saying all he can think of is disabling the drivetrain while we tow it, hopefully lessening the damage. I read somewhere on here there’s a spare fuse we can install to temporarily make it FWD.

Anyways. What should we do? Should we disable the AWD, making it FwD, then tow with the back wheels on the ground? Disable the drivetrain? Any tips???

In a major dilemma here, and we’re towing it today. Just wanted to put a feeler out there and see if anyone has an idea or an answer.

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