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The AT-equipped 04 XT's maximum trailer weight spec is 2,400 lbs for a trailer with brakes, and just 1,000 lbs. for a trailer without brakes. The 2,400 lb. maximum weight spec is reduced to 1,000 lbs. for long steep grades in hot weather. See page 8-27 in the '04 OM.

Manufacturers' published trailer weights are notoriously conservative, in my experience. Specifically, weight's given are usually "base" values without options, propane, or batteries. Weighing the trailer "as built" and loaded up might be a good idea in order to get an accurate value.

Note that the trailer tongue weight must be included in the load carried in/on the Forester. Specifically, if your car is rated to carry 900 lbs. of passengers and cargo, and the trailer tongue weight is 200 lbs., then there's 700 lbs. load capacity available for passengers and cargo.

Check 2004 OM page 12-5 for tire pressure recommendations when towing.

Subaru considers trailer towing to be a "severe duty" application. Check your maintenance schedule for additional maintenance recommendations.

Damaging your own vehicle while towing is a valid concern. Being able to tow, control, and stop your vehicle while in traffic and looking out for other motorists is another valid concern, IMHO.

Jim / crewzer
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