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after reading that other charity i realized i never posted this here. if any of you guys live in the tri-state area this is a huge meet/caravan/bbq to raise money for the american cancer society. last year, despite rainy weather - there were still 150+ cars in attendance.

all the info can be found on this website: Tour de LISC version 3.0 : Sunday May 2nd 2010

TOURdeLISC said:
Tour de LISC ver 3.0 : Sunday May 2nd 2010

Everyone must register for this event by April 18th. No exceptions!

We need a solid headcount to ensure there is enough food and drinks for everyone.

Day of Info:

* 11am Meet at Tobay Beach Lot
* 12:30pm Depart Tobay Beach Lot
* 1:30pm Lunch!
* 3pm Raffle!
* 5pm End of Day

* Any last minute info or changes will be announced on the home page.

* The caravan will be divided up into groups...this allows the best mobility on the roads

Day of Rules:

* NO speeding, NO racing, NO reckless driving & NO "tuning"

* Leave your negative attitude at home...this is a fun charity day

* This is not a "my car is better than your car" day...we all love our cars, and we can all get along

* If you can't follow any of the above, please stay will otherwise be asked to leave

Things to Remember:

* The more you donate through raffle ticket purchases...the more prizes you can win! After all it is charity!

* Be on time! This event functions when there are no stragglers left over to babysit

* Clean your cars! No one wants to see a dirty caravan all over Long Island

Things to Bring:

* Printed Registration Ticket!
* Lots of Donation Money
* Lots of Collected Donation Money
* Umbrella/Rain Gear
* Weather Appropriate Clothes
* Camera
* Directions
* A Smile
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