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The first Impreza I totalled was back in 1998. It was a 98 L with the 2.2L manual. I wrecked in a 30mph corner at 90 mph. And yes the car could do it, I was just trying to get the rear to step out (really stupid). Well it did... I almost saved it but I clipped a road sign during the counter slide on the rear quarter sending me into the ditch. This was a right hander, and I went into the ditch on the INSIDE of the corner. Went firmly into the ditch and hit a field drive way culvert squarely with the front end. Both air bags deployed. Passenger and I were ok, not a scratch. Took about a foot of dirt off of the driveway.

2nd wrecked Impreza. This was a Black 98 Impreza coupe identical to the first. I learned my lesson on the first, older and wiser now. I was changing the clutch on my friends 98 Impreza RS, he borrowed my car to get a new throw-out. The loaded semi-truck that hit him on the drivers side running a red light going 55mph. The truck impacted the drivers side door and rear quarter. The car did a 360 and landed on the wheels. It was still running as the impact happened as my friend was shifting from 1st to 2nd (car landed in neutral). He shut the car off and climbed out the passenger side. Only minor abrasion from broken window glass. He found his eyeglasses 100 yards from the wreck.

Subaru's are as tough as nails... This new to me 2010 Forester marks my 6th Subaru in 20 years of driving. The only one that did not live up to the mark was our 2001 outback.... for a Subaru it was a POS, compared to other brands it was OK
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