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When I plugged my car in to the diagnostic testing, I got the "Torque Converter/Brake Switch B Malfunction" reading. Here is a little background on what my car has been doing.

First, I installed a trailer hitch and spliced the wires for the trailer lights to the rear lights

Next, my cruise control stopped working....the light comes on, but no cruise control when I try to engage it.

Next, my check engine light came on with the "torque converter/brake switch B malfunction" reading.

Next, I let a friend pull a small flatbottom boat out of the water. The first time I have put my e-brake on in quite some time and when I got back in the car the ABS light was on.

When I reset my check engine light/ABS light the ABS light comes on first and a day or so later my check engine light comes back on.

I'm thinking its the Brake Switch, but I know very little about cars and have no idea where it is to replace it. Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!


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If it all started at the time of the trailer wiring install, I would double check every thing, if not undo it and see what happens.

If there wasn't an issue before a change, but there is after. The change that was made usually is the result of the problem.
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