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So, I just got my set of spacers from Brad at Subtle and I figure I’d throw this out there for those looking to do this too. I was not fully prepared with all the tools to do this and after hours of cursing, I can give everyone a list of what they’ll need to do this on a 2005 XT. Hope this helps. I can provide pics, but I doubt anyone here will need them once you see under the car.

Assorted ratchets and breaker bars
19mm Socket (Wheel lugs, lower strut bolts)
19mm open end wrench (lower strut nuts)
Deep well 17mm Socket (Used for removing top hat of strut)
12mm socket (for the three factory studs holding the strut in the car)
6mm allen wrench (long enough to go through a long 17mm socket)
Long screwdriver or punch (For removing the brake line clip off the strut tube)
Hammer (knocking out the studs from the tophat)
Loctite (please tell me you know what this is for…….)
Vice (Not required, but makes it SO much easier)
Vice Grips (Use these to grip the 17mm socket to unscrew the top bolt of the tophat for those of use who so not have the fancy specialty tool)
Spring compressors (You need two, please be VERY careful when using these!)
Jack stands
Crescent wrench (holding the allen wrench in the strut rod while unscrewing the nut/tightening new studs)

I hope this helps at least someone with the install of the spacers. It is very easy to do if you have the right tools and having them ready turns a painful project into a satisfying one. Make sure and use thread locking adhesive where necessary. Hit me up here with questions. Good luck.

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nice post, i didnt have to use loctite anywhere though... any1 who has done a spring/strut install should have no problems w/ this!
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