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We are fast approaching 300,000 miles on our 2004 Forester XT. The Turbo failed at about 160,000 miles. The engine failed at about 180,000. During these intial years, we were not very good about oil changes. Now that we have had these experiences, we faithfully change oil every 5000 miles, using Mobil Synthetic 5-20 viscosity.

I am thinking that the first turbo blew up and caused the engine to fail. I'd like to avoid that if possible. I'd like to get as much mileage as I can out of this turbo and engine.

Is there an recommended number of miles at which I should put another new turbo in, or do I have to wait until it fails?

Thanks for any information. I will be posting this in one of the tech forums as well.
Curt Mason,


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