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2003 2.0 xt 5MT
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I've searched through the 2.0l turbo forum about downpipe-thingies but haven't found the answer to my question.

First things first, I have no mods done yet on my MY04. Just ordered a cheap vf35 and have my eyes on a decat uppipe, ecutek, fuelpump and spark plugs. I will keep original ride-height, just improve brakes little. I will also keep the exterior as close to original as possible since I want me a sleeper! Not for racetracks or closed courses, just some fun at the redlights, and wifey has to be able to drive it without cursing me.

So... I mostly want torque and early spool (Yes, it might be foolish to remove the TF035 which is a very early spooler! But done is done.), I'm not very interested in high rev performance although it sounds fun too, so moderate number of horses is good for me.

Will I gain torque/power by changing stock dp with cat to a racey-dp with race-cat at 2.5k - 4.5k revs? Or will there not be much difference? Trying to find out if it's worth the little extra money, since I'll be taking things apart anyway.

Can I use exhaust wrap on the DP instead of heat-shields to move the heat away from engine bay? That's if I buy a new DP. :)

Answers much appreciated! Cheers.
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