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Timing Belt installation - Timing marks out of position? (merged thread) - Updated!

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1998 with 219,000 miles. I bought it last year with 216,000, I drive it about 150-200 miles per week. It runs well and I don't want to chance the engine. I want to replace my timing belt but there are a lot of options I'm finding. Can anyone suggest what the proper kit is and should I replace anything beyond what the kit includes. Thankyou
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On my 2.5 SOHC 2010, as long as the CRANK was in the timing belt service position I could safely rotate the cams as much as I wanted. The service position puts all of the pistons out of harms way from the valves. I definitely had to turn the cams when installing the T-belt in order to allow enough clearance to get everything to fit. Check out the thread I made on my t-belt install for some notes on the order that I installed it.

Be careful with your fingers around the drivers CAM as it will be prone to slipping off the top of the cam lobe and suddenly turning.

If you have DOHC, this may not apply as you might get valve-valve interference.
Is there just a straight yes or no answer to this ?

With Timing Belt off on my DOHC, can I rotate all 4 cams and the crank as much as I want, then bring them back to the line up marks, put the belt on and be OK. ?
Sorry dude, i'm not gonna research your type of engine for you if you didn't specify.

There is a reason this tool is made Camlock Tool 2
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