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I feel your pain. I had the same thing happen on a 4-runner (and it died in the mountain too)
In my case, the new belt broke around 25K due to a pin working its way out of the new water pump and chewing the belt. Just before that I had dropped the car in because it felt down on power. They couldn't find anything but obviously the belt had already slipped or something.
I had it fixed in Winter Park. The mechanic there was pretty cautious not to point fingers. He did mention that in 20+ years of working on Toyotas he has never seen something like that happen...
The place that put the belt didn't really own up to the problem. They said they would have put a new belt for free had I brought the truck back. But since it was already replaced they couldn't do anything.
When the usual email asking for mechanic recommendation comes around guess what my reply is (considering that they forgot to bolt one caliper down when they did the brakes on my wife's car...)
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