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Well I had something similar happen at a lower mileage. I had 38K since I replaced the timing belt and pulleys when mine failed:

The way I see it, you have 3 options:

1: Find a used replacement engine. But here you do not know the background or history so you are taking a chance.

2: Rebuild your current engine and send the heads out for rework. Chances are good that you have bent valves, and the head work alone can run upwards of $600 from a reputable machine shop.

3: Rebuild your current engine with 'used' heads from another DOHC. Just be certain if yours has and EGR, that the replacement heads to also. This was my cheapest solution and has worked well for me. I found a good set of used heads with less mileage for $200.

Anyway you choose, the car is worth more in running condition, than with an inoperable engine.
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