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If the rest of the car is in good shape I would look around for a used engine with less miles vs putting 2K into yours.

Salvage yards you can expect them to be asking a little over $1000 for one, searching the forums and craigslist typically less then a $1000. Any Naturally Aspirated DOHC 2.5L will work.

The other option would to be rebuild the top end of yours. In which case I would do the heads and very possibly replace the pistons since they took a hit from the valves, but that can be determined when it is taken apart.

As for why the belt broke take a second look at all the idler pulleys and take a look at the watter pump pulley. Make sure there is no free play and every thing rotates smoothly and all the bearings feel as if the grease is still good. If the belt was installed wrong it should have let go with in a few to couple hundred miles after it was done.
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