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Second oil change on my '14 Forester was easier than the first time.

Total time which included getting ramps and tools out and putting them away, driving vehicle up and down ramps, doing the oil change and filter change was 25 minutes 54 seconds.

Saying that, you will waste more time driving to the dealer's service dept. dropping the car off. Having someone drive you back to service dept. to pick up vehicle. Don't know how long all this would take, but I bet your sweet bibby it will more than 25 minutes and 54 seconds.

If you are physically able, there is no excuse for not changing your own oil.

Not only that, you know the job was done correctly and the oil you want to add is used. Like after taking off the filter the excess oil that is laying on top. I got rid of all that with a few heavy duty paper towels, if you look in the part where the filter actually screws in, you will see a little deeper oil catcher, I cleaned all the gunk out of there also. Took an extra few minutes, but I know it was cleaned and none of that gunk could get back into the engine. Not sure if they would do that at the dealer's service dept.

I used the same oil I did at the first change, Pennzoil Platinum 0W-20. It was pretty dirty when I drained it all out after 6000 miles. It wasn't black like tar, but would say a deep brown/black.

Just for the heck of it I measured the oil I drained. Got just a little over 4 1/2 quarts out of the engine. With about 10% or so of oil remaining in the block that would be approximately another 1/2 quart give or take a bit. Saying that there was no oil loss in the 6000 miles between changes. Remember the spec on the '14 2.5i engine is 5.1 quarts, thats 5 quarts and 3.2 ounces.
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