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most likely wheel bearing and/or CV joint.

if you happen to have wheel covers, it could be them! the clips grasp the outside of the rim and if the cover is damaged or the clips a little loose with age they can make noise. mine drove me crazy for awhile until i figured it out.

try going REAL SLOW and have someone stand outside the car listening to see if it can be pinpointed. try this with and without any brakes on so you can see if any braking makes noticeable difference in the noise.
I had an 84 Reliant wagon bought new that had a clicking by about 25,000 miles. The dealer said nothing was wrong.

Firestone tried to sell me all new cv joints and struts. Before spending any $ I tried to find the problem. I pulled one wheel at a time and found nothing. Drove it before putting the hub caps back on- it was the hub caps!
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