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2004 Forester XT 5MT
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Howdy Subaru Friends,

I am in the market for an 04 or 05 Forester XT 5MT. This evening I took a look at an 04 XT with 130k on the odometer. At 100k the belts and clutch were replaced. The guy has a stack of receipts for maintenance he's done owning the car the last three years. He is asking $7500 for the car which is one of the lowest prices for a Forester XT of either the auto or manual variety that I have seen in the Denver metro area. The four areas of some concern with the vehicle are:

1) Going into 3rd when the car is hot can make just a small momentary grinding noise. Sounds like maybe a weak syncro. He had it looked at by the dealership and they said either the transmission will grenade tomorrow or last another 100k miles and the only way to tell is to open it up. That was some time ago and he said it hasn't gotten any worse.

2) The rear passenger bumper has a pretty good scrape on it and a couple of popped clips. No body damage on the metal quarter panel and the rear hatch is all straight but the bumper could use some paint and to be reattached properly or possibly replaced.

3) He put WRX STI lowering struts on the car three years ago because the stock struts were shot. That's about a 2" drop in height. I would need to find some stock or even higher struts to change out because I'm in Colorado and I will not be staying on flat roads.

4) The passenger mirror is missing its glass. He says he has a new assembly ready to put on but hasn't done it. It looks like with a couple tools I could do it myself.

It has been a real struggle in Denver to find a reasonable Forester XT 5MT of the 04-05 variety. This one seems to be the right price although it needs a little work. What are your opinions on this car? Should I try to negotiate him down a bit and buy this thing or should I hold out for a ~$11k car on a dealer lot with a 12 month power train warranty?


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