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I have my eye on a 2015 XT for this Mrs. This won't be a daily driver and gets her the mid-size SUV she wants, while giving me more fun than a Rav4. Being in Illinois I am already taxed enough, so i am really targeting a private party to help save a few $$$ on the tax front. I have found a stock 2015 Forester XT with 37k on the clock. It seems to be a 2015 (standard) premium XT. My biggest dislike about the trim is the headunit/MFD display. I do wish it had a touch screen with the bigger backup camera as on the 16+. I have anoth post about the potential remedy to this dislike elsewhere.

I have done my research, but I am no Subi expert (yet). What is your thought on the price? What do I need to know about the CVT, as it is my biggest reliability concern. How much extra power can the cvt reliably hold? What other concerns would you have as this vehicle comes off warranty?

Thanks in advance all.

Happy Friday,
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