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I am thinking of buying a new forester (or outback). I am not in a rush so i have been doing some car research for months.
So, It comes down to 2.0XT Forester, 2.5 forester or 2.5 outback(these two same engine)
I live in California BTW....don't have bad weather concern
Let's assume all models are top trim and I don't have finical problem (we just assume)
The XT, or FA20 engine is fairly new compare to the FB25 engine,
I do value reliability, and I really cannot stand if this turbo engine keep giving me problems....
Cuz in this case I am not sure if I pay more then I can have better reliable car.

Is 2.5 and 2.0XT touring edition get the same thing except external looking and the engine right?? (the 3k$ different is all going to the engine??)

So, which engine should I trust? 2.0L FA20 XT or 2.5L FB25?

Thank you
Do appreciated your respond :)

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I am no technical guru, but I don't think there is enough info on the FA20 engine to know yet. As I understand it, it was out in other countries for 1? year before, but otherwise it is relatively new here in the states. There are potential issues with either one. Some FB25 engines use more oil than others, some FA20 owners have had hard starts. Otherwise, so far both seem to be pretty good, but only time will tell.

As for the price difference, there is more than just the engine -

Transmission is upgraded to a more heavy duty version to accomodate the higher torque
Suspension is upgraded to be sportier and stiffer
Looks were changed (but you already mentioned that).

There are some differences between the standard items, but on Touring, there may not be a difference.
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