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2001 Forester L 5 Speed M/T
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So heres the thing, I bought a 2001 Forester L as a project car. Front end damage, broken driveshaft blahblahblah the usual. Its on jack stands now, stripped of wheel, skirts, bumpers, crash bars, fenders, ect. I have a STi Front end that Im using to replace the damage, new brakes on the way, a driveshaft that will be here next week, and a tight time budget. All the work NEEDS to be done by April 26th, there's the provinces biggest car meet on that day, and the RSOC (regional subarus owner club) is planning on a huge subaru convoy drive to it, supposed to be close to a 100 subarus in the drive. So naturally I really want to go to this. But I have a lot of work to get done, anyone got any tips or advice to help me get this done in time? Heres my list of work to get done:

Remove Stuck Pinion Bolts from Driveshaft to remove the shaft
-Got one bolt off. Others just seem to not want to grip my ratchets.. Soaked in PB Plaster last night​

Fix Rad Supports, or Drill out spot welds and have ones from the STi front end installed (by a shop)
Any tips on this? Better to replace the rad supports? Do it myself or have a shop do it?​

Install Hood latch, Crash Bar
Hood Latch would go along with replacing the supports, but if I just fix the supports I gotta do something about the latch​

Wire Sidemarkers, Off Road Fog lights on STi bumper, Liscence Plate bulbs
Fog lights on STi bumper are just above the lip in the middle, has fog light covers on stock location

Install Fenders, SideSkirts, Front/Rear Bumper, Make or Buy and install Mud Flaps, Headlights

Straight forward​

Take to OMO (local subaru shop) to have new driveshaft installed, and brakes replaced
May have them do more if it comes down to it​

Have tires mounted on rims and get an alinement
Straight forward, just around here only certain shops do this, so the shop could take a bit which would eat up my time budget​

Install COBB STi Catback with 2-3" pipe extension
Needs an exhaust, is the best way to do this taking the exhaust to minute muffler to have them extend it while the car is in another shop?​

Fix Door Weather Sealing
Hangs lose, 3m tape should hold it for now​

Fix Windshield Edge trim
Popped out sorta somehow, probably just needs heating and popping back in​

Sand and Primer all rust, scratch, and dent spots
Mainly rust right above windshield​

Plasti Dip whole car
Glossy Dark Charcoal, Gloss Black Roof/Windshield Banner, Gloss Black Accents​

Safety and Liscence

Pray they don't make me get more work done before I can license it​

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I have no idea if you can get it done within a month or not, but good luck on a successful project!:woohoo:

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If you can work on it consistently I don't see why you can't get everything accomplished in just under a month's time.

Admittedly my spring to-do list is a fraction of yours. Just a trio of oil changes, some tire mounting, and a timing belt/water pump install.
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