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Things to look for on an '04 FXT (auto)?

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Hey guys. My friend on the other side of the country is going to check out an '04 FXT for me today. Is there anything specific I should have her look for? I'm a 2nd Generation Legacy guy, so I know what to look for on those cars, but I don't know much about the Forester. I'm so paranoid about head gaskets due to issues with MY car that I told her to check for bubbles in the coolant reservoir, even though I know it isn't really an issue with the turbo engine, but beyond that, what are the common issues that should be looked at?

A leak-down/compression test will likely be performed if this initial once-over goes well.
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Headgaskets are generally good on the XT Foresters. It's he valve covers that tend to leak.

A few things to check, although not necessarily horrible in the looking/buying stage, but to consider as what should be done in the near future:

-Timing belt, water pump, pulleys, and all other related parts replaced around 105k.
-Does it have factory catted up-pipe and EGT? If so, these tend to break apart and get sucked into the turbo.
-Has it had the banjo bolt filter/screens removed? These tend to clog and starve the turbo of oil.

These are a few if the biggie items on this. Other than that, just check for the basics as you would any other car.
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