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2004 Forester XT 6MT DCCD (helical)
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arrite here it is. This is the last time the Bear was stock. Pulled right into the garage to start the make-over

As of 4/13/14, 99,987 miles

Surgery included:

-Drag DR-31 17x9 +38 offset (sold)
-Hankook Ventus V-12 EVO K-110 245/45-17 (sold)
-Rota D-force 18x9.5 +40 offset (sold)
-Dunlop SP600 (stock 2010 STi tires) 245/40-18 (sold)
-Mach V Awesome gunmetal 17x9 +42 offset
-Dunlop Direzza ZII 245/45-17 (worn out)
-Bridgestone Potenza RE71R 245/45-17


**Front subframe spacer delete - corrects suspension geometry on Foresters when lowering to Impreza levels**
--WRX pitchstop
--04 STi driveshaft
--WRX steering u-joint
--STi Kartboy short shifter
--WRX subframe studs
--WRX transmission crossmember
**Rear WRX STi subframe and outrigger conversion to correct lowered suspension geometry (4/27/13)
--WRX STi rear subframe
--WRX STi outrigger and differential carrier
--WRX STi rear trailing arm chassis mount brackets

-Feal 441 coilovers, 7k front, 5k rear spring rates
-Feal prototype rear upper adjustable camber plates
-Whiteline RCA kit KCA313
-Whiteline ALK KCA362
-04 STi steering rack
-Whiteline steering rack bushings KSR202
-05 STi Aluminum front lower control arms with free castor mod (flipped mounting pin)
-05 STi aluminum rear lateral links (DONE 4/25/12)
-Perrin 22mm adjustable swaybars front AND rear with included stout mounts (needed for strength and lowered mounting position for Impreza suspension)
-RalliTEK front and rear Heavy Duty endlinks on the left side of the car
-Whiteline adjustable length endlinks on the right side of the car (to facilitate proper corner-balancing by removing swaybar preload)
-Rear subframe lock bolts Kartboy KB-066 "Botox" bolts
-Ebay front strut tower brace
-GTSpec fender braces GTS-SUS-1091
-GTSpec H-brace "ladder" bar front under-subframe brace GTS-SUS-1046
-GTSpec Front Lower Tie Brace GTS-SUS-1133
-Custom 6-point Quick Release rear strut tower/trunk cage bracing from FXTSPORTS08
-GTSpec rear subframe T-braces GTS-SUS-1145 (only work with WRX/STi rear subframe)
-Cusco rear lower Power Braces
-Turn In Concepts Front and Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - "Enthusiast" grey pressed into stock arms and knuckles, painted chrome and TiC decals applied
-Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery (14lbs vs 37lbs)

-Stack mechanical boost gauge
-Stack oil temperature gauge
-AEM UEGO Wideband air/fuel ratio gauge
-Ortiz Customs triple dash gauge pod
-Version 7 JDM WRX front seats, converted to full USDM fitment (proper drivers and pass. height and adjustments)
-Seat airbag light resistor mod
-Alpine IVA-NAV-1 touchscreen Bluetooth/Navigation/DVD headunit
-35% tint front two windows, 20% all rear windows
-07 STi steering wheel rim with 05 WRX airbag
-Custom Ziricote wood shift knob
-Custom Cocobolo wood E-brake handle
-NRG 49" universal harness bar

**short block build by Rallispec**
-2013 STi block w/58k miles honed and de-glazed
-CP stock compression forged pistons
-Manley H-beam forged rods
-King bearings
-New Subaru crankshaft
-ARP headstuds

*341 whp/ 362 wtrq @20psi*
-Forced Performance 68HTA turbo w/ ceramic coated turbine housing (internal wastegate welded shut)
-Converted to top-feed fuel lines and rails
-Deatschwerks 850cc top feeds fuel injectors
-05 STi wringle red intake manifold
-Motive Autowerks composite TGV deletes
-KSTech StockMAF 65mm Cold Air Intake with K&N filter
-Perrin inlet
-Grimmspeed TMIC
-Agency Power EL headers (no more Subaru burble :( ...)
-Grimmspeed EWG up-pipe
-TiAL 38mm MV-S external wastegate
-Grimmspeed 3-port electronic boost control solenoid (carried over from previous setup)
-COBB catted downpipe with 2.5" reduction cut off to be full 3" (carried over from previous setup, cat had to be gutted, it was clogged)
-Surewin Products 3" cat back (carry over from previous setup)
-Turbosmart Kompact bypass valve
-05 STi oil pan
-Killer B oil pickup
-09 WRX dip stick
-Moroso dual catch can air-oil separators
-Grimmspeed exhaust gaskets everywhere
-PTP Turbo blanket
-DEI Titanium heat wrap on headers, up-pipe, and downpipe
-Mishimoto blue throttle body, BPV, and turbo elbow couplers
-Plastic OEM coolant upper pressure tank
-Subtle Solutions brushed stainless steel alternator cover
-Mishimoto billet aluminum oil cap
-Mishimoto aluminum radiator (carry over from previous setup)
-Mishimoto oil cooler with thermostatically controlled sandwich plate
-Walbro 255 fuel pump (carry over from previous setup)
-Fluidamper crank pulley
-Group N engine mounts

OLD setup:
**266 whp / 301 wtq @ 19.5 psi** EFI Logics dyno tuned. Dyno graph and video on post #76
-Perrin catless up-pipe
-COBB 3" catted Down-pipe with 2.5" reduction cut off to be FULL 3" Turbo-back
-SurewinProducts V2 catback exhaust (02-07 WRX/STI High Performance Stainless Steel Catback)
-XL extended Kartboy exhaust hangers
-Turbo oil feed line and AVCS banjo bolt screen removal
-Walbro 255 fuel pump
-GrimmSpeed EBCS
-Spectre (autozone) high flow air filter
-Mishimoto Aluminum Performance Radiator (MMRAD-FXT-04)
-Airbox snorkus delete

-2006 5x114 hub swap
-2005 STi trans (TY856WW6MA) with the Helical front LSD.
--Rebuilt with Rallispec long ratio kit: JDM Forester STi ratios 2-6 with carbon coated syncos
-MapDCCD controller
-2004 STi rear R180 diff and axles and driveshaft.
-Perrin larger fluid capacity and cooling fin diff cover PSP-DRV-511BK
-2004 JDM STi rear hubs and rotors. (removed for 5x114)
-Kartboy short shifter and bushing combo kit KAR KB-001-6COMBO
-ACT Streetlite flywheel
-ACT HDSS street performance clutch
-Kartboy outrigger bushings (comfort) (only work with WRX/STi rear subframe)
-Turninconcepts diff carrier bushings (enthusiast) (only work with WRX/STi rear subframe)
-Group N transmission mount
-The Drive Shaft Shop (DSS) carbon fiber light weight 1-piece driveshaft

-STi Brake booster (SJ labeled)
-1-1/16" (STi) brake master cylinder
-GrimmSpeed Brake Master Cylinder brace
-StopTech ST40 BBK (4 piston calipers with 332x32 2 piece rotors)
-06 STi rear Brembos powder coated red with white decals
-04 JDM STi 5x100 rear OEM rotors (removed for 5x114)
-StopTech steel braided lines
-StopTech Street pads in the front
-Hawk HPS pads in the rear

-02-03 STi hoodscoop (painted Urban Grey Metallic)
-Factory roof spoiler also in Urban Grey Metallic (to pick up on the c-pillar, mirrors, mid-trunk panel, scoop, grill and wheel color)
-Yellow fog light bulbs: Hella H71070662 - Hella Optilux Extreme XY Light Bulbs - Overview -
-Yellow Lamin-X fog overlays
-Headlights: Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III kit (H1) with 6000k color bulbs. Projector retrofit. Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Kit (H1) - Complete Retrofit Kits from The Retrofit Source Inc
-Clear Lamin-X Headlight overlays
-Importology Grill
-Importology Eyelids
-Custom rear aluminum diffuser integrated into the bumper
-PlastiDip'ed rear lower bumper section to emulate 06-08 bumper design.
-DIY front airdam

Thule roof rack
-460 Podium foot pack
-4005 fit kit
-LB50 load bars
-872XT 44 inch fairing
-517 Peloton fork mount bike carriers (QTY 2)
-835PRO Hull-a-Port Pro kayak carrier
-835XTR Hull-a-Port kayak carrier
-91724 Universal Flat Top ski/snowboard carrier

2004 Forester XT 6MT DCCD (helical)
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2004 sti steering rack new from subaru with Whiteline poly steering rack bushings. This install was a little bit of a b**ch because lying on your back bench-pressing the rack into place (with a helper of course to guide and help slide things into place) AND those lines accessed from the rear side - passenger are very hard to reach...especially for RE-installing them. Loosening several line brackets to get play in the lines and a helper (my GF) was absolutely necessary as was a set of crowsfeet wrenches, extensions, and flex joints.

I could have done without pouring the fluid on my shoulder... but my brain was feeling flatulant.

But I had barely any problems with the power steering pump screaming. I moved the steering rack back and forth (car on jackstands) for a long while BEFORE starting the engine while adding fluid. AND when I did start it, I did not move the rack. Just on then off 4 seconds later followed by more engine-off wheel spinning, fluid adding THEN let it sit for a while. Then ran the engine and spun the wheel slowly back and forth. Added more fluid. A couple small squeals then all was good.

The front end went back together reverse of removal with 22mm adjustable Perrin front sway bar, 2002 Impreza KYB AGX struts and H&R Sport springs.

I left the RCA kit install to my trusted Subaru Tech cuz my dumb-a** broke the head off the lower ball-joint retaining bolt in the knuckle. I feel bad laying this on him as he said it was a super b**ch to drill out. But thats done now...

So I think that sums up the front...

2004 Forester XT 6MT DCCD (helical)
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The rear 2002 Impreza KYB AGXs with H&R Sports (for 2002-2003) fit fine on the 2004 FXT chassis.

The difference is in the top of the spring. The 2002-2003 spring coils stay constant in diameter all the way to the top, so the top hat spring seat is wider.

The 2004 - on spring tapers to a smaller diameter and the top hat spring seat is therefore smaller.

I'm pretty sure I could have used a 2004-on spring with matching top hats on the 2002-2003 struts. But I didnt try it so can't 100% confirm. BUT the wider (and triangular) top hats fit fine in the strut towers in place of the smaller (and "D" shaped) stock ones...

I'm making my own LLWS out of steel "L" beam and U-bolts. Just cutting the beam to about 2 inch pieces then drilling holes for the U-bolts and one hole for the endlink bolt.
Just trying to copy Whitelines KBR16 part...

Kartboy subframe lock bolts are going in as well.

Camber bolts are also going in the rear top holes for the struts.

2004 Forester XT 6MT DCCD (helical)
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It does rub verrrrry slightly. Small fender lip roll and more negative camber and maybe 1/4" saggy butt spacer (Paranoid Fabrications) will eliminate this...

Edit: Took all my car parts, tools, and full size spare out of the rear and it sits sliiiightly higher now.
Also got the alignment done with a little bit more camber and I think the rubbing has gone away. Might not have to roll the lip.
We'll see when I have another heavy load/people in the car...

2004 Forester XT 5MT
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Looking good! I'd love to do the STI rack on mine but budget cuts are keeping the upgrades on standby. What sort of power upgrades are you planning?

08 fxt
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I think its really cool that you're doing it in videos. Kudos on that: its different and refreshing. Most don't do this because vids take up much more space on the host sites and take much longer to upload.

Also congrats on the good progress. Looks like you planned everything fairly well and just executing everything without any major glitches.
If you need some 1/4" saggy butt spacers let me know, I've got some for sale(coincidentally the same paranoyd fabrications ones you mentioned).

2004 Forester XT 6MT DCCD (helical)
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/\ thanks so much for the kind words! I'll continue the video documentation then...

Yea the progress has gone well. Really though its thanks to everyone on this site with their extreme friendliness, knowledge base, and passion for the cars. Without this site, I dont think I would have even bought a FOZ, but now I can't think of another car I'd rather have (at the moment lol). has provided me with the information to do 6 months worth of research before I turned one bolt on the car to be sure I set the car up exactly the way I wanted it.

Fircrest's build was a huge inspiration to me for stance, exhaust and wheels. Thanks dude!
StanT, Duderotomy, SQC146, sleeperXT, Abacall, fourortwowheels all deserve mention for advice, encouragement, knowledge/information, and inspiration. Of course there are many others.

OK stay tuned more to come...!

2004 Forester XT 6MT DCCD (helical)
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and the reason i didnt install the RCA kit myself...

These two bits of sh*t really had me discouraged. Be gentle and use plenty of PB blaster and don't use a breaker bar on smaller bolts...
Another poster in the suspension/handling forum mentioned to use a floor jack to push the tie-rod end back up into the joint to keep it from spinning. My Subaru tech took care of that part... along with drilling out the stupid bolt I broke like an idiot. I owe him big time...

2004 Forester XT 6MT DCCD (helical)
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I sound like a grown up little kid here, all excited...

You can see when i get close under the car that there is one exhaust hanger not even being used. The exhaust is for a 2004 STi. Its also pressed up pretty tight against the rear diff cover... And its touching my bumper EVEN with extra long hangers. I'll have to find longer ones or modify something else.

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