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Hiya Everyone
My Poor 2002 Forester X (with a Swapped 2005 WRX EJ20T) had a little bit of crash with a Kangaroo.


So the accident created a lot of damage, among the visual damage, the Power steering was stuffed, coolant was leaking from the damaged radiator, the AC condenser was bent and leaking, the drivers door was crushed in from the head of the Roo and the bonnet was beyond just buffing it out.

So this means no more car :(

After the faithful Foz had done her job for many years I think its time for a new project.

Meet my new 2004 XT Auto 馃槅馃榿



So in the area I live there is many many many offroad trails, beaches and places to go adventuring to.
The plan is to build her into a capable soft roader which can get to most places so called "real" 4x4's can go.

That means a number of mods need to be done:
-Lift Blocks
-Bigger Tires
-Bash plates
-Tow Bar
-Driving lights
-Aux/ Work lights Lights
-UHF Radio
-Diff Breathers
-Roof Basket
Ill probably come up with more on the way 馃ぃ

Let the building begin!

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So I found a good spot to work on the Foz!!
No more outdoor BBQ's for a bit 馃ぃ


So I got new standard Forester Springs and Struts and a set of roof bars.

And... I have also got a Subieliftoz 2 inch front and 3 inch rear lift kit.
Big shout out to Matt Chaplin for getting them to me.

Out with the old junky coilovers and in with the new springs 馃槅


Sorry for the foot 馃槣馃槄
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