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Hi All,

after reading the thread on Kevin's awesome off-road Forester and having recently purchased one that I'm intending to spend a bit of time in the dirt with I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of the off-road mods that are avaiable for our cars, and the best order to do them in, so that those of us who are looking to kit out our cars for the dirt know where to start! I don't pretend to know a lot on the subject, so I'll start off with a few but it would be great if the more knowledgeable amongst you could add to it, and let me know if I'e got them in the right order! I've listed the mod, with it's ease of installation and approximate cost (in Aussie $) in brackets.

1: Alloy sump guard (easy DIY bolt-on, $350)
2: Transmission cooler (for autos only) (advanced DIY or minor workshop install, $150)
3: breather extensions for gearbox/diff (DIY, cheap)
4: All-terrain tyres (wide price range)
5: Centre diff lock and fan cut-of switches (intermediate DIY, <$10)
6: Strut lift ($500-$800?, int. workshop install)
7: Spring lift ($300, minor workshop install)
8: spotlights
9: Front bar ($2300)
10: Rear bar ($3500)
11: Off-road rims
12: Snorkel

Your thoughts?

I don't get it! If you are going to spend that kind of money to end up with a "so-so" off road ride, why not get a used Hummer and be done with it?
Most of these things the big 4WD's do as well. I don't have all of the above mods, but I do have 1,3,5,7,8,9 and 12. As I have a manual, I don't need 2, and I think 4 is a waste of good money. 10 would be nice, although the extra weight over the rear would count against it. 11 not necessary. In addition to this list, I have added lower low range gears, a front LSD and a rear e-locker. It is certainly more than a so so ride and in certain off road conditions would perform better than a Hummer, and leave it for dead on road. Obviously there are conditions where a Hummer would be better, but no car excels in all conditions.

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Hello, I figured I'd make my humble contribution to this thread

2008 Forester 2.5x

1. King Raised Springs
2. Primitive Racing Skid Plates (front, transmission, and differential)
3. Rally Armor mud-flaps (possibly going to remove them when I get larger tires)
4. Curt extended roof rack

planned mods

1. General Grabber AT2's (215/70/16)
2. Sumo Rock Sliders
3. Subtle Solutions 1/2" strut spacers
4. light bar setup

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hi, has anyone done snorkel kit with in airfilter and removed the stock black box? im dreaming about installing secondary batter in the air filter box bay and looking for a solution :D

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I gotta say, this forum has been a massive help to me as I work to make my '05 X a better offroader.
So far my mods are as follows:
  • Uniden PRO 520xl CB radio
  • KYB Excel G struts (I'm waiting on the top mounts to do the rear)
  • ADF 1" spacer lift (not yet installed, waiting on suspension parts)
  • Primitive Racing front skidplate
I would also like to add that I took it for some mild off roading while stock, and it did everything that two well modified Toyotas did. (2003 4Runner and 2018 Tacoma) Stock Foresters are tough, capable little beasts.
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