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2005 2.5XS LLBean
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The Great Blue Foz is a stock Regal Blue Pearl '05 2.5XS LLBean Edition Forester.

The Foz is actually my parent's car... but I may be taking it to college in 2 years. My brother [MudRunner] has taken amazing care of the Foz, but will be leaving for college this August... and I'll be left taking care of it. :)

Because it's my parent's car, I don't have much in the way of plans for it... other than basic care/maintenance. One plan I do have is to install a light bar with Hella 500FF's on it... I think I can talk them into that. ;)

As for the Fozzy's story... we had an early 2000's Outback... but when it began showing signs of transmission issues, we went to the dealer... planning on trading it for an '05 Outback. As we test drove the outbacks we didn't like them... my 'rents didn't like the sport shift... and my mom hated the light interior... so we gave up... however, when we started walking back to the car, our eyes caught an '05 2.5XS LLBean Edition Foz. We'd never planned on buying a Foz, but we fell in love with it. We traded the Outback and left with it that night. :)

If I end up inheriting the Fozzy, I'll probably make some mods. I'm not sure WHAT I'll do, but I'm sure I'll find something. ;)

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