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2000 forester turbo s
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Hi all,
I am new to the forum,and in sheffield uk. very proud owner of a 2000 w plate
Fozzie turbo on the way.wrx front and sti9 red leg rear struts,blitz induction,bailey dv10,de cat afterburner downpipe,and 3"system,4.5"back box and 2004 wrx rims,looking goooood!ha

After all that work i have a rattle inside my back door which i cannot cure!lol!I belive it to be the 2mm rods that connect the central locking mechanism to the lock barrel,can i remove the bars and use the key to unlock the boot?
disconnect it from the central locking?
tryed to use foam to pack it out and deaden it ,no joy!Are the brass washers on the lock barrel worn causing play?
Has anyone dealt with this problem? Any advice would be great,as i am about to go mad!
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